We start what we can do.


We are “Yeah Yeah Crew”, a group of men in their 30’s living in Arita,Saga, Japan (south west of Japan).
Thank you very much for visiting our blog.

As you know, Japan is experiencing the most devastating natural disaster due to the earthquake and tsunami.Our heart is deeply saddened to think of the victims, and so many people are desperately in need of help right at this moment.

We are just ordinary people living in a country town but we thought there must be something we could do. We decided to raise donations by using the online donation platform named “Justgiving Japan“.

On Justgiving Japan platform, we do something and we can correct donations for a support group for 2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami.
If you’d like to support our action, please donate on the justgiving japan page (to click the following link). Money you donate will be used for the victims of the earthquake through the support group.

Our action is to update this blog as many as possible for a month, starting from now.
It has been a little over two years since we started our blog.
However, all our members are quite busy people and recently we stopped updating the blog as regularly. We started hearing from our regular visitors saying ‘you don’t update your blog so much any more.’
That is why we decide to take this action, updating our blog as many as possible for a month from now.
Dear our regular visitors, we will do our best to update our blog more regularly from now on. So if you would like to support this, please make some donations. Your generosity would be very much appreciated and would really inspire us.
If you are visiting our blog for the first time and find it pretty good that a bunch of ordinary country-town people are doing something, please make some donations. It dose not matter if you donate through our site or through a donation box in your nearest convenience stores. Any donations would be appreciated and give us extra encouragement.
On Internet, I find a lot of people doing whatever they can do to help the victims and support the recovery from this natural disaster. Watching so many people doing such things makes me think that Japan is not such a bad nation after all.
Some people may think what we are doing is hypocritical but we believe that doing something is better than nothing no mater how little it is.
We live so away from the disaster area and all we can do is to support the victims through making donations or showing positive attitudes. We can only pray for the victim for the best.
If we all put our efforts together, every little effort can make a big difference. Whatever you can do, let’s do something.

(here in Japanese.)

翻訳手伝ってくれたM氏ありがとう。 Thanks M for translation support.